24 Jun Seismic Shift In UK Politics Re-Opens Door To Cannabis Law Reform.

Who Will Be Our Next Prime Minister?

Who Will Be Our Next Prime Minister?

Whichever way you voted in the EU referendum, it has at least opened up all possibilities for cannabis law reform.

The dissolution of the coalition government and the unexpected Tory majority last year had really put the block on progress. The Liberal Democrats failed to take the opportunities they had while in government.  So sad that only now they are discredited and decimated in Parliament have they really got their cannabis policy together.

cameron resigns with samCameron was the problem. He has been the  roadblock. Despite his well-reported efforts on drugs policy reform when he was first elected as an MP, he U-turned in order to win the Tory leadership election. Very soon he will be gone.  Whoever replaces him has the opportunity to look at this increasingly topical issue with a clean sheet. There is now overwhelming support for legalisation for medical use and this must be closer now than it was yesterday.

Whoever is the next PM: Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, even Theresa May, we now have the opportunity to start afresh. These are exciting times and instead of waiting four years until the end of this Parliament we now a real opportunity to renew our efforts.

The Liberal Democrats are now perhaps even more irrelevant and Labour is in disarray with a no confidence motion in Corbyn already on the table.

So it is the Conservative Party that we must turn to. We must frame our arguments in a way that appeals to them. We must engage with the Tories and explain to them how cannabis law reform is in line with their values and the aspirations of their supporters.