15 Feb Sentencing Guidelines Begin To Bite

Judge Michael Murphy of Sheffield Crown Court is unhappy about the new sentencing guidelines for cannabis growers.

He would have preferred to jail Craig Cubit for growing his eight plants, even though Craig is a medicinal user and in constant pain while he waits for a knee replacement operation.

Judge Murphy revealed his prejudice and cruelty when he said:

“If you had been in front of this court six months ago you would have been going to prison but the law has changed”

Then he went on to demonstrate his ignorance of science and medicine and why he is not fit to preside over any cannabis related case.

…there are other ways of pain relief”

The Daily Mail is outraged as well. The whole story is reported here.

This is the reality of the new sentencing guidelines. As CLEAR reported just a couple of weeks ago, they represent huge progress for all those who want to see an end to the prohibition of cannabis. We aren’t there yet but we soon will be. The formalised recognition of medicinal use as mitigation is particularly welcome. This brutal judge was prevented from exercising his sadistic intent for that very reason.