31 Oct Sheffield Police And Judge Engaged In ‘Brutal Terrorism’ Against The Public

Press Release

For immediate release 31st October 2011

Sheffield Police And Judge Engaged In ‘Brutal Terrorism’ Against The Public

The Sheffield police and Judge Alan Goldsack QC, recorder of Sheffield, are promoting false science, misinformation, prejudice and discrimination against people who use cannabis.

According to independent research, based on national averages and official population statistics, 138,000 people in Sheffield will use cannabis in their lifetime and more than 33,000 use it regularly (at least once per month).

Judge Alan Goldsack QC has said that “cannabis is a dangerous drug” but there is no basis in science or medicine for this claim. According to Professor Les Iversen, the government’s chief drugs advisor, cannabis is “one of the safer recreational drugs”. Based on a recent analysis of mortality, hospital admissions, toxicity and propensity to psychosis, cannabis is nearly 3000 times safer than alcohol, safer than virtually all other recreational drugs, OTC and POM medicines and less toxic than many common foodstuffs.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Bob Chapman has said that “The strength of some of the skunk cannabis on sale is, in my opinion, of a strength comparable to Class A rather than Class B drugs.”. This is a reckless, misleading and false statement which has no basis in science or medicine.

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) has lodged a formal complaint to the Office of Judicial Complaints about Judge Goldsack and to the Independent Police Complaints Commission about Acting DCI Chapman.

Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, said:

“It is astonishing that people like Judge Goldsack and Acting DCI Chapman should be making such irresponsible statements. These are not matters of opinion but matters that are determined by scientific evidence. These statements demonstrate ignorance and prejudice in people who should know better.”

DCI Chapman was responsible for a “Cannabis Action Week” in the last week of October which resulted in 15 arrests and the seizure of an alleged £50,000 worth of cannabis. In response, CLEAR has announced a “Cannabis Truth Week” which will offer information on the scientific and medical facts about cannabis. This will start with the appearance of Howard Marks, “Mr Nice”, at the Foundry, Sheffield University on Saturday 12th November. CLEAR will be bringing the Cannabis Truth roadshow to Sheffield throughout the week. There will also be a public debate held in a central location. Sheffield MPs Nick Clegg and David Blunkett, both of whom advocate a safer, more responsible policy of legal regulation of cannabis have been invited. Scientific and medical experts will be present as will a number of people who use cannabis as medicine to treat conditions such as MS and Crohn’s. Sheffield police have also been invited to attend.

Peter Reynolds said:

“CLEAR is standing up for tens of thousands of reasonable, responsible and respectable Sheffield citizens who are under attack with lies and misinformation in a campaign that seeks to terrorise them in the most brutal and threatening way.

The laws that prohibit cannabis are in direct contradiction to science, medicine and all available evidence on public health, harm reduction and effective drugs policy. We accept that Judge Goldsack and the police have a duty to uphold the present law but not by the promotion of untruths, false science and terror tactics

Is there not a dangerous drug problem in Sheffield with alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine? Why is so much public money being wasted on cannabis with paedophilia and violent assault being treated more leniently in the courts?”


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