30 Oct Shout Out! Special Appeal! Pounds For A PA! Please!

The truth is rolling out all across Britain. The momentum is building. The Cannabis Truth roadshow is rolling, rolling into a town near you!

Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, welcome or rejection, CLEAR is taking the message to the people and telling the truth about cannabis!

We need to be heard though and the most important thing we need is a portable, battery powered PA system.

They cost about £500. So we need cash and we need it now. Please click the donate button below and send us what you can.

Next week, from 7th November we’re heading for South Wales; Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. The week after on Saturday 12th November, we’ll be in Sheffield launching the “Cannabis Truth Week” with Howard Marks at the University of Sheffield. Last week the police ran their “Cannabis Action Week” in persecution of the cannabis community in Sheffield. We are fighting back with debate, evidence, science and our most powerful weapon of all – the TRUTH!

A good quality, reliable and effective PA system will enable us to tell the truth, loud and proud, to fight against injustice, to expose the lies, ignorance and prejudice under which millions of British citizens suffer.

As well as fighting for mercy and compassion for those with MS, Crohn’s, cancer, arthritis, spinal injury, fibromyalgia, depression, etc, etc who NEED cannabis as medicine, we are standing up for those who choose a far safer alternative to alcohol or who just enjoy the beautiful pleasure of cannabis responsibly, in their own homes, at no harm or inconvenience to others.

The truth about cannabis needs to be told and it needs to be heard. Please send us what you can towards our PA fund. £1, £10 or £100, please give us what you can afford.

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