30 Nov Southampton Airport: Border Agency Confiscates Prescribed Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

Yesterday evening, Friday 29th November 2013, CLEAR member George Hutchings flew back from Holland into Southampton airport. He was carrying 60 grams of Bedrocan ‘Bedrobinol’ medicinal cannabis which had been prescribed for him by a consultant physician at his local NHS hospital.

At customs, George went to the red channel but there was no one there. He picked up the enquiry telephone and said that he had medication to declare. After waiting for some time Border Agency staff arrived and George showed them his medicine and supporting documentation, including a copy of the prescription.

George was detained for three hours in total. In the end he was advised that his medication was being confiscated as it is a class B drug. He was issued with a written warning and also advised that he has one month to appeal against the confiscation.

CLEAR is already working with a specialist solicitor and counsel, both with extensive experience in cannabis law. We will be consulting with them on Monday morning. An immediate appeal will be launched against the confiscation and we will take advice on whether any further legal action is appropriate.

Fortunately, George, who suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy type 2, has already been able to replace the medicine that was confiscated. This, however, has forced him to return to the illegal market.