11 Aug Statement Authorised By The States Of Guernsey Concerning CBD Brothers.

The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) is currently working with Roland Archer, States Analyst of the States of Guernsey, where it is intended that the Cannabis Products Directive (CPD) will be fully implemented into law perhaps as early as December.  Recent publications by CBD Brothers have emerged which it is important are corrected as they are highly misleading.

CBD Brothers has stated the following:

“We have been working very closely with officials from Guernsey who reached out to us last year. They wanted us to help them understand the interactions of cannabinoids and how they could best and safely allow their residents to interact with the compounds and put them to use in a therapeutic way whilst ensuring that the Island’s progressive attitude was not abused. After many discussions with the Heads of State representatives and People’s Deputies we were privileged to be invited to participate in the meetings that led directly to the amendments made to their Misuse of Drugs (Modification) Order 2018, which formally came into force on February the 1st 2018. This was a huge honor for us and we are very grateful to the State for allowing us the opportunity to be involved in such a monumental change to their laws – their progressive attitude is laudable indeed.

With the support of Guernsey and their newly implemented drug policy, we as a company are now well placed to offer our customers in the UK the opportunity to access a broad range of cannabis therapies from the first of our newly branded Original Alternatives shops. Managed and run by fully qualified herbalists, this jewel in our crown will provide a head to toe approach to wellness, examining the needs of the body in its entirety before providing the customer with a made-to-measure plan as unique as they are.”

The States of Guernsey has confirmed categorically that they have never met with CBD Brothers in any official capacity or indeed any unofficial capacity and never helped set up this CBD Brothers outlet. They also categorically state that the products have not been tested as yet and will be subject not only to States Laboratory testing but also by the CTA approved labs.


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