07 Aug The Benefits Of Raw Cannabis

Alyx Kerr

“I am vegetarian, my favorite vegetable is raw hemp flower.”

Alyx Kerr was born in Houston but now
lives in Arizona. She learned about raw
cannabis online and recommends juicing
about 10 pounds of raw leaf with 10
grammes of flowers.

Balancing the body through the endocannabinoid system is the best method of maintaining health. It puts your biological systems in a normal range by up regulating or down regulating all 210 types of cell tissues. Cells have a clock in them that tells them to divide or die; they have an intrictate lock manipulated by cannabinoids to tell cancerous cells to die and healthy cells to decelerate aging. All cannabis flowers and leaves contain phytocannabinoid rich pistillate hairs; hemp, male and hermaphrodite flowers included. Phytocannabinoid acids are also found in cold pressed hemp seed oil and hemp sprouts at least a week old.

Cannabinoids as a group have a synergistic effect more curative than any of its isolated compounds.

All cannabis flowers contain phytocannabinoids; hemp, male and hermaphrodite flowers tend to form less mg/g than female flowers. Exocannabinoids are also found in cold pressed hemp seed oil, hemp sprouts at least a week old, and echinacea. Raw and heated cannabis should be consumed separately to enable ingestion of the amount of plant matter necessary for cannabinosis.

“It’s a regulatory system for things like appetite, circulation, pain response and immune response. Cannabinoids seem to regulate or maintain all of these different functions. When mice are bred not to have these receptors, a couple of very shocking studies show they die almost immediately. They suffer from failure to thrive and have no appetite at birth. If you force them to stay alive, they die of old age long before they become old. If this system doesn’t work right, people don’t survive.”

Paul Armentano

The body has the highest concentration of cannabinoids in breast milk; cannabinoids are essential nutrients. The human body forms endogenous cannabinoids using essential fatty acids; hemp seed is an excellent source. Cannabinoids build up in the lipid tissue; once the body is saturated it reaches an optimum level of regeneration.

“THC and dietary cannabis should be used concurrently but in different forms, because if you mix the two of them, THC makes it difficult to achieve the proper dosing from both of them. “

Dr William Courtney

THC is not readily found in the raw plant. When a plant is heated or aged THCA becomes THC through decarbolation. Cannabinoid acids are non-psychoactive and are the only form present in raw cannabis; they have been consumed by mankind for thousands of years. This means the effect that THC has on the body is specific to cooked, brewed, smoked, vaporized or combusted cannabis. It is not the same effect as raw cannabis. Cannabis clinicians recommend 1-6 grams of phytocannabinoid acids and 10 mg of THC.

”You can use it in the morning, and midday; still function – drive cars, there is no interference with your ability to take care of your daily issues.”

“A child who used to have hundred of seizures a day now goes days without having a seizure.” (using 12:1 CBD:THC)

“Another patient of mine who is 2 or 3 years old had a brain stem tumor; after receiving 10 times the fatal exposure of radiation and a bone marrow transplant, she was sent home to be out of hospice care; she was consuming up to 4 – 8 oz of raw cannabis juice per day; her MRI came, not only is the tumor gone, but the radiation damage, the scar tissue has completely reabsorbed in a year and a half, and it normally takes 5 – 6 years for that to reabsorb.”

Dr William Courtney

The terpenes that give cannabis it’s delicate flavor are synergistic with all 566 cannabis constituents. Other plants that can positively effect the way the body uses cannabinoids are mangoes, chocolate, carrots, citrus, rue, the brassica family and any other terpene or polyphenol rich vegetables.

“Why would you deprive a child of the possibility of preventing tumors, or the possibility of preventing diabetes?”

Dr. William Courtney

CBD is a stronger anti-oxidant than vitamins C or E. The FDA patented CBD as a treatment for all oxidative associated diseases. Damage to cellular tissue by free radicals is the main cause of senescence. There are researchers in Morrocan cities where men consume 40% CBD hash that are studying their longer lifespans. CBD is a lipid based anti-oxidant, which gives it the ability to cross the blood brain barrier to prevent Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Cannabis provides a complete balance of protein and fatty acids in the ratio correlating to human need.

For serious medical conditions, juice all hemp flowers and leaves using a wheatgrass or masticating juicer. Mix 1 part cannabis to 10 parts carrot juice. Plants sprayed with inorganic pesticide shouldn’t be juiced; on the other hand most pests are edible.

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