01 Feb The Commercialisation Of Cannabis – The New Homefront

Now that we have broken the ice and raised the question of the commercialisation of cannabis, as far back as 2000 I presented a document to the government titled “The New Homefront”. It was to show the government the levels of revenue that could be collected from the legalised sale of cannabis and to highlight the revenue that could be gained from the widespread cultivation of hemp.

I registered three company names and submitted a business idea to the politicians.The company names are Canniderm, Environ Biofuels and The Happy Hog Coffeeshop Company.

Canniderm is about producing an alternative method of medicating with cannabis via a transdermal patch

Environ Biofuels aims to make British farmers aware of the full potential of hemp cultivation as a source of biofuel and to produce a superior building material that is truly environmentely friendly.

Last but not least, The Happy Hog, a place where like minded adults could enjoy using their cannabis in a clean, safe environment.

All of these ideas collectively could result in a very substantial ammount of jobs being created and also safeguard many exsisting ones. The potential to create up to 100,000 new jobs around the UK is not an overstatement, it is very real. It only needs the government to wake up to the reality of it.

Download “The New Homefront” here.