25 Jan The Commercialisation Of Cannabis

Commercialisation is seemingly, a dirty word amongst cannabis activists. Some find it hard to comprehend the concept of a legitimate business making an income from selling cannabis to the general public.

Many in the cannabis using community believe that the way forward is to give everyone the right to grow cannabis for their own use. There are positive and negative aspects to this.

On the positive side it woould mean that someone with an illness for which they use cannabis would be able lawfully to cultivate enough for their own use. However, not all medicinal users would necessarily want to grow their own or indeed, are physically capable of doing so. So this opens the door for businesses to develop which supply clean, safe medicinal cannabis for those who cannot provide for themselves.

The negative aspect of permitting domestic cultivation is that is open to abuse. There may be a large number of people who would fall to the tempation to make a profit from selling what they have grown.

Commercialisation is the only workable method through which the legalisation of cannabis will be achieved.

The millions of cannabis users in Britain need to come to their senses and realise the enormous financial contribution they can make to the population as a whole. We are worth somewhere between £7 billion and £9 billion per year to the exchequer. That could and should be of vital importance to the economy and the wellbeing of the entire country. Cannabis users need to get off their backsides, stop going round and round in circles talking to each other and tell our politicians and government what the facts are.

All of us, whether we use cannabis medicinally or for whatever purpose, can play a huge part in pumping much needed funding into the health service. We could insist that all of the tax income from a regulated system of cannabis production and supply be ringfenced for the NHS.

To be honest, if all you cannabis users out there can’t see the the common sense in this, then you are as bad as the government.

The only practical and viable route to legalisation is through the commercialisation of cannabis.

The sooner all of us in the cannabis using community can agree on this, the sooner it could become a reality.

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