22 Nov The Daily Mail And The Press Complaints Commission Sink Deeper Into The Gutter

The testimony so far to the Leveson Inquiry reveals just how immoral, disgusting, dishonest and vile are so many of those involved with the gutter press.

Murdoch got the News of the World off the hook by the simple expedient of corporate suicide. The Daily Mail is now squarely in the dock alongside its co-conspirator the PCC. These two institutions are directly responsible for falsehood, misinformation, the persecution of individuals and the systematic deception of millions of British citizens about whatever subject might sell a few more newspapers.

The fact that Paul Dacre, executive editor of the Mail, is chair of the Editors’ Code committee is beyond irony, beyond parody, almost beyond belief. This is a man who has built his career on worthless lies, mendacity and malevolent distortion of facts and news stories. If any one individual deserves castigation, condemnation and preferably a criminal conviction for his behaviour it is Dacre. He is the master navigator of this voyage to the dark side. He is a monster and Britain would be a far, far better place were we rid of him.

When I give evidence to the inquiry I intend to show how the Daily Mail has promoted its campaign against cannabis and cannabis users by the most underhand and dishonest methods. What concerns me is that the Leveson Inquiry is, of course, a government enterprise run by the Ministry of Justice. Our campaign is diametrically opposed to government policy and it suits government very well that the Daily Mail publishes lies and misinformation about cannabis and that the PCC does nothing about it.

The evidence I have to offer is incontrovertible proof of the Daily Mail’s dishonesty and the PCC’s collusion. I wonder, in the end will the government allow me to present truths that contradict its own propaganda?