16 Aug The Evidence For the Safety Of Cannabis Is Overwhelming

You don’t need reams of statistics to defeat the arguments against cannabis. All you need is to ask people to use their common sense.

How many stories are there about “cannabis factories” every day? How many times have you heard that there have been “record seizures”? How many different coloured large size rolling papers are on sale in your local newsagent, or Sainsbury’s or Tesco?

So imagine how much cannabis is being used throughout the length and breadth of this country? In cities, towns, villages and your own street.

Now remember that this just what is obvious. This is just what you hear about. Inevitably, most of it is hidden. Most of it isn’t discovered. For every “cannabis factory” you hear about, another 10 or 20 go undiscovered.

Now how much cannabis do you think is being used in Britain?

It’s astonishing isn’t it? The latest evidence now indicates that something close to three tonnes of cannabis is consumed in Britain every day. That’s three million grammes and an “all day smoker” will consume about three grammes a day. So how many people does that mean are using cannabis every day, every week, or several times a month?

You don’t have to do the calculations do you? It’s obvious than cannabis use is massive, colossal, stretching throughout society and our country.

So if cannabis causes psychosis or is dangerous or poisonous, where are the casualties? I mean there would have to be a lot of them wouldn’t there? When you think about how many people in the 1960s took to smoking pot, where are all the psychotic 60 and 70 year olds? In fact, people are living longer and healthier lives.

What’s more, the doctors of public health will tell you that the rate and prevalence of psychosis and schizophrenia has remained stable since records began. There’s been no “spike” since cannabis took off in the sixties and if anything mental illness is declining. Even harder facts, in 2009 there were about 750 hospital admissions related to cannabis. There were more than 3000 for peanuts.

So you don’t need a library of statistics. Cannabis is really pretty safe. It’s just common sense.