12 Sep The Latest So-Called Science On Cannabis And Young People

Professor Jan Copeland, 'Cannabis Preventer'

Professor Jan Copeland, ‘Cannabis Preventer’

The latest scaremongering and distortion of evidence about cannabis has been timed to rebut the efforts of the Global Commission on Drugs Policy which issued its latest report this week.

The study was published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

The most significant thing about it is that it comes from the notorious, discredited University of New South Wales (UNSW), home to the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), run by the charlatan Professor Jan Copeland who is listed as one of the authors.

As its name reveals, the NCPIC is a prohibitionist, propaganda organisation. It routinely cherry picks, distorts and misrepresents research on cannabis. It also works in an underhand and dishonest way to sow its misinformation covertly where it can cause most fear.

Earlier this year, three professors associated with the NCPIC published an article in the British Medical Journal ‘Should Doctors Prescribe Cannabinoids’.

This was an extraordinary sabotage effort against the exciting and fast developing science of cannabinoid medicine. It contained a great deal of extraordinary misinformation, for instance using data on recreational use as an argument against medicinal. Most significant of all was the failure of the Professors Michael Farrell, Rachelle Buchbinder and Wayne Hall to declare their association with the NCPIC.

It should be clear to everyone the malevolent and dishonest game that Copeland and her accomplices are engaged in.

Nobody is suggesting that heavy use of cannabis by young people does not bear risks. Of course it does but these are self evident. The repeated scaremongering and disproportionate emphasis from the NCPIC’s so-called science amounts in fact to crass and deceptive propaganda.

It is a disgrace that a university should permits its name to be used by such a propaganda organisation. Any group that includes the word ‘prevention’ in its name is clearly not engaged in science.

Young people who may be at modest risk from cannabis and those who can benefit enormously from the therapeutic use of the plant deserve far better than this dishonest, misleading propaganda dressed up as impartial science.