03 Oct The Next CLEAR AdVan Campaign

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Artist's Impression

Artist’s Impression

The crowdfunding appeal for the CLEAR AdVan campaign has closed. It’s been a disappointing response. Against a target of £10,000, we have raised just over £1800 from 90 donors.

We have carefully considered how to move forward and this is what we have decided.

We will re-launch the crowdfunding appeal shortly. We have lowered our sights and we are now aiming at a one week campaign in central London during November/December focusing solely on the medicinal issue. AdVan posters are backlit so there is no disadvantage in the time of year.

The poster we are proposing to use is above. We’d like to hear what you think about it.

We will roll over the £1800 already raised (after deduction of commission to Indiegogo) and aim to raise a total of £3500.00. This will cover the cost of the AdVan together with design and print of supporting leaflets. We will be recruiting volunteers to hand out leaflets along the route that the AdVan takes.

Please support the new appeal. This is an opportunity to get this important message the attention and prominence it deserves.