12 May The Power of Hope

If there’s one thing that unites people together, it’s the camaraderie of despair. In the darkest of times, light can be found in the oddest places. Humour, salvation; compassion and goodwill ultimately win wars. Hard-line tactics only create divides.

When dealing with cannabis prohibition and related issues, it’s easy to feel isolated. A true ripple of pain that the world has gone mad, or simply, the world doesn’t care. The feeling that you are not alone – and that sense can prevail – is a ray of hope that cannot be conveyed.

The overtly cynical would not understand, but those that have been affected by prohibition know all too well the emotive feeling of gratitude.

CLEAR, and its aims, has received a boost; the eminent figure of Dr Lester Grinspoon supports CLEAR. He has loaned his credence to the organisation. Dr Grinspoon seldom needs an introduction, but for those who don’t know – he is Professor (emeritus) of Harvard Medical School and a leading figure in psychiatry. His astounding piece for CLEAR can be read here:


Dr Grinspoon has long battled prohibition. His books, Marihuana Reconsidered and Marihuana the Forbidden Medicine are a must read. In his second book, Forbidden Medicine, documents his own battles with policy makers and the courts. Like a true medical professional, Lester Grinspoon puts the needs of the patient first and listens to testimony. This is all aided by meticulous research on cannabis itself.

The hope that Dr Grinspoon gives to patients is remarkable, the hope he lends to the UK is something that’s hard to relay. For too long we’ve been left in the wilderness as the rest of the world moves forward. A figure like Dr Grinspoon is hard to ignore, it is hopeful that his lead will stir the right mood within the UK public figure; with peers such as he, it is hard to not look twice at the harms of prohibition, and what this does to individuals and society.
The UK can’t bury its head in the sand for much longer.

From CLEAR, all supporters, and all that wish for change, we would like to say thank you for the body of work from Dr Grinspoon and his kind donation of support. I’m almost sure it will be the difference maker.

We have hope, and that is a good feeling.