24 Aug The Sativex Scam part 2

The Sativex Scam part 1, “The Truth That Must Be Told

The Opportunity

It is certain that mankind has used cannabis consistently for around 5000 years. In fact, it’s probably more. That was the Bronze Age. Before that was the Stone Age which lasted 2.5 million years. Before that homo sapiens wasn’t even the predominant species. I would guess it’s more like hundreds of thousands of years ago that ancient man first discovered the value of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis is mentioned in Chinese writings on pharmacology said to date from 2737 BC. Also in the ancient Indian Atharva Veda from the second millennium BC and on tablets from the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian king, who lived around 650 BC.

An urn containing cannabis leaves and seeds, unearthed near Berlin, is believed to date from 500 BC. Homer and Herodotus both referred to cannabis in their writings and the practice of inhaling its vapours.

Clearly there is something extraordinary about this plant, about it’s medicinal and other properties. Crucially, we wouldn’t have continued to use it for all this time if it wasn’t both safe and effective.

Cannabis became politically incorrect (for there is no other reason for its prohibition) early in the 20th century. It was fundamentally a racist attitude that first demonised cannabis. Harry Anslinger, who was out of a job after alcohol prohibition ended in 1933, was quite straightforward about it, he said it made white women promiscuous with black men. Then it was said to make you mad and violent. Then the story swung in completely the opposite direction and it was supposed to make you apathetic and lazy. Attitudes have changed very little since. When you hear people like Charles Walker, the Tory MP or the US Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske, and the ridiculous things they say, you realise that it’s exactly the same nonsense and prejudice as before. It’s just been updated and tweaked for a modern audience.

So against this background, the huge, absolutely colossal business opportunity that cannabis offers is clear. Something that is so intrinsically popular and valuable to mankind is suddenly banned and controlled as if it were a deadly poison or more precious than gold or diamonds. Those controlling it have the business opportunity to end all others. Now, they even have the ability to bring all the most modern weapons of warfare in co-ordinated, international action to protect and defend their interests. Every police force across the world is engaged in protecting the cannabis business and, over time, consistent propaganda has built up a moral outrage and repugnance against what is actually a benign but extremely valuable plant. The revenue potential is such that it means nothing to buy all the doctors and scientists that you might need to validate and promote your scheme. These are the perfect conditions and environment to step in and seize one of the biggest and safest business opportunities ever.

It was organised crime that first exploited the cannabis market. Now though it is government sanctioned monopoly and international law that has brought forth the emergence of Sativex.

Developed by GW Pharmaceuticals, with the co-operation of governments and drug enforcement agencies across the world, Sativex is the first stage in a master plan to hijack the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant for private profit and to reap trillion dollar rewards under the patronage of senior politicians and the law enforcement and armed forces they control. It is the ultimate scam.