07 Sep The Sativex Scam part 2.5

The Sativex Scam part 1

The Sativex Scam part 2

Misinformation, Propaganda, Untruths And Lies.

The title of this piece reveals that it is an extra. I had intended to get to the scandalous untruths being promoted by GW Pharmaceuticals a little later in this series but events have overtaken me.

In the Manchester Evening News, the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Daily Mirror, GW has been promoting the untruth that Sativex “does not get users high” and patients do not experience the “euphoria associated with illegal recreational use of cannabis”.

These are bare faced lies.

Each one of them will be the subject of a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. I am also investigating the possibility of complaints to the professional bodies responsible for the accreditation of the doctors and scientists behind this misinformation. There may also be an opportunity to question this false information being provided to investors and shareholders in GW Pharma.

I have tried Sativex myself. Four sprays, the recommended amount, produces a “high”, easily recognisable as the same effect as from high-CBD varieties of cannabis.

It took me less than an hour to obtain the following five testimonials from other people who have used Sativex.

“I am prescribed Sativex and can confirm that I get a body high from using it, not as much as a pure joint filled with just pure cannabis, but it does effect the way I think and the way my body feels.” Desmond Humphrey

“I sprayed Sativex 4 times under my tongue, as first I could taste the mint flavour, however the overbearing taste of the cannabis soon came through and it certainly tasted like real cannabis. The effects came on quite quickly and within half an hour I felt like I had eaten a very strong space cake like the ones sold in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. In other words, I got very stoned.” Chris Bovey.

“Sativex affects me in the same way as Bediol, the high-CBD medicinal cannabis from Bedrocan, the Dutch government supplier. Of course it gets me high.” Clark French

“Proper medicinal grade herbal cannabis works best for my spinal injury but Sativex is OK. It helps with the pain and gives me the same relaxing effect.” Jim Starr

Upon two sprays under the tongue, I admit I felt nothing, that is until after around an hour when I could feel the effects slowly creep up on me. Colours got brighter and ideas started flowing just like when I smoked herbal cannabis. Things felt better and more interesting than usual and I found myself giggling at the smallest of things. To summarise, I was high. Yumita Yumara

However, astonishingly, the conclusive proof of GW’s deception, comes from its own documentation. The Sativex Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), a statutory document, on page 6, item 4.8 reports that “euphoric mood” is a common side effect.

I rest my case.