03 Aug The Story Of A Cannabis Conviction

David Nurse

Two days ago I was in court. Court!!!

I was convicted of possession of cannabis and fined £200.

I have been caught by the police twice with very small amounts of weed. For some unknown reason on this most recent occasion they decided to charge me and take me to court instead of what I’m told should have been an on the spot fine and a PND (penalty notice for disorder).

When I picked up my first warning I was in a car with a few mates and, long story short, the police came and said they could smell cannabis. They said they would search the vehicle and everyone in it. Just before this point my two friends and I had just had a very panicked conversation, both of my friends already had warnings and really didn’t want to go to court, for obvious reasons! They both had cannabis on them and I basically said I would take it and say it was mine, because at this point I had a clean slate and could just use up my warning instead of one of them having to go to court over it.

Well hasn’t that come round and bit me in the arse? A few months later, I’m minding my own business getting not low, the usual, harming no one but myself and all that when the police turn up for a routine check of the car park, me and my friends were in. Blessed with extraordinary bad luck as I am (and a fair level of stupidity for getting high in such an idiotic place) they search us and this time I’m the only one with pot on me, only no one is going to stick up for me and take the hit. It’s on me and I get sent to court.

Court was horrendous, the judge magistrate sitting up there like the dogs bollocks, he treated the case like it was the worst thing ever, like I’d ruined my life. I was too speechless about the derogatory way I was being addressed to say my bit about “HOW THE HELL IS POT ILLEGAL?” when the likes of alcohol and tobacco are still out there, regularly getting binged upon by many many people. I’m sure that I had said my bit it would have been brushed aside, the murmurings of a cloudy minded drug addict!

Only I’m not cloudy minded. All the hype about how awful cannabis is is just that, hype. It’s a naturally occurring plant, and it’s actually pretty great. I see it about how I see chocolate, in moderation its good.

I’m off to uni in Kent in September, with an academic scholarship (3 A’s or equivalent at A level), which I feel pretty good about. What I don’t feel good about is the fact that I am now a CRIMINAL! This is the route I’ve had to travel to realise that some change is needed, so I went on Google and found the CLEAR site. I am now a member and add one more to your tally of supporters.

Hopefully one day everyone will have the freedom to put whatever the hell they want in their own bodies. If people want to binge eat McDonalds and get real fat, that’s fine. Everyone knows it’s harmful but if eating McDonalds makes you happy, go ahead, right? Somehow its remained legal to poison yourself with alcohol. To the point it’s a whole culture with people my age to drink their way into hospital. ‘Banter’. Thinking about that I am honestly not sure how the law was ever passed where people can’t smoke up some cannabis if they want to. Seems like an injustice!

It felt like injustice that they can make me a criminal and take away my hard earned £6 an hour money just like that. It makes me sick! That’s why I wrote this because I can’t sleep thinking about it and felt like talking about this shit to someone. Even if you don’t give a damn, it felt good to get it out! Thanks for reading and if you ever want to use me as an example of how stupidly out of proportion the punishment for having cannabis is compared to the crime, then feel free.