21 Jan The Truth About The UK Government’s ‘War On Drugs’. It Has Nothing To Do With Health

Public Enemy No. 1

David Cameron’s irresponsible and hypocritical drugs policy was exposed for the sham that it is in the House of Commons last Friday.

Nick de Bois MP

Nick de Bois, Tory MP for Enfield North, put the question:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much his Department has spent on advertising the risks associated with Class (a) A, (b) B and (c) C drugs in each of the last five years.”

Daniel Poulter MP

The answer, from Dr Daniel Poulter, our new junior health minister, revealed the shameful truth.

‘FRANK’ was advanced as the government’s solution for communicating about the risks of drugs and in the last three years the Department of Health has spent precisely nothing on advertising the service.

See the full answer here: Hansard source.

Yet the government’s stock answer from its comprehensive library of deception is that “Drugs are illegal because they’re harmful”.

Cameron, the Home Office and the Department of Health don’t give a damn about the health harms of drugs. Their policy has nothing to do with evidence, science or medicine, least of all is it out of any care or concern for public health. It is about vested interests and political expediency. It is corrupt.

We know that already by the different regimes for alcohol and cannabis. The most dangerous and harmful drug of all is promoted and encouraged. The safest drug of all is demonised and outlawed. See the NHS ‘A Summary of Health Harms of Drugs’.

The first rule in medicine is ‘do no harm’. It’s the last rule for Cameron’s coalition.