12 May The UK Government’s Latest Excuse About Medicinal Cannabis Is Yet Another Deception.

Nick Hurd MP, Home Office Minister

Nick Hurd MP, the Home Office minister, said again this week that as far as any consideration of cannabis for medical use is concerned, the government will “await the outcome” of the report on cannabis due from the WHO in 2019 “before considering the next steps”.

In fact, the results of an FOI request show that the UK government has refused to take part in the WHO committee which will “review cannabis and cannabis-related substances on their potential to cause dependence, abuse and harm to health, and potential therapeutic applications”. This despite the WHO issuing a questionnaire to the Department of Health and Social Care “designed to gather information on the legitimate use, harmful use, status of national control and potential impact of international control”.

Aside from the obvious concerns this raises, it is quite extraordinary considering that the UK is the world’s largest producer and exporter of legal cannabis.

Fundamentally the government’s postion on cannabis for medical use hasn’t changed since 1971. Those who follow the Home Office’s statements will have noticed gradual changes but they all seek to reinforce the fundamental premise that cannabis is a dangerous drug of abuse with no therapeutic benefit.

Recent ‘adjustments’, shall we call them, of the official position have dealt with the now overwhelming weight of evidence that cannabis does have very real and significant medical value. The response has been to caution that all medicines must go through the etablished system of testing for safety and efficacy.

This is a deception as well. As CLEAR revealed at the beginning of 2018, in every jurisdiction throughout the world where medicinal cannabis has been legally regulated, it is through a special system outside pharmaceutical medicines regulation.

Theresa May is ideologically opposed to the use of cannabis as medicine, it’s as simple as that. She won’t permit it to be properly considered, discussed or investigated and every time something forces a response, such as a parliamentary question or an enquiry even from a fellow Conservative MP, another deceptive excuse is conjured up.

Victoria Atkins MP, Theresa May MP. Both Have Family Interests In Cannabis For Medical Use.

CLEAR can further reveal that the Home Office’s public position on prospects for licensed cannabis medicnes is also a deception. The statement that has been published is “As happened in the case of Sativex, the Home Office will consider issuing a licence to enable trials of any new medicine…” We can’t name names just yet but we now have first hand knowledge that at least one publicly-quoted company with established cannabis production facilities in two other G7 countries has been refused permission by the Home Office even to apply for a licence.

The UK government’s stance on cannabis becomes murkier and murkier the deeper you look. The stench of corruption becomes overpowering when you consider that Theresa May’s husband’s company is the largest single shareholder in GW Pharmaceuticals and the husband of Victoria Atkins MP, the drugs minister, holds a licence to produce 45 acres of cannabis for medical use.

  • discerner
    Posted at 22:02h, 12 May Reply

    There appears to be no political will from the main opposition party (Labour) to challenge the Tories on this issue. If they did challenge they would probably have a field day over the Tories intransigence, hypocrisy, and unsustainable stance on medical cannabis in particular – as this is in contrast to public opinion about such.

    We can only hope that to end this ridiculous impasse the SNP, Greens, and Lib Dems will take the bull by the horns and embarrass Labour by exposing in Parliament the Tories skulduggery over this urgent issue which is very disconcerting to potential and current medicinal cannabis users.

  • Karl Oreilly
    Posted at 22:32h, 12 May Reply

    Why dont we go take there weed and see what they think then

  • Wendy Goodwin
    Posted at 11:03h, 13 May Reply

    More interseting facts that I didn’t know, “Mr May’s company has single largest shares in GW pharmaceuticals” I am a simple Biologist and my interest in cannabis came looking into treatment for crones as it is a family trait ,Mum,Gran & aunt all suffered from it. Alongside Victoria Adkins I think Mrs May should go as how can we trust them if they are still churning out outdated propagana from the ’50s.Ethan Russo in his new role furthers my belief that we need to educate people about the Endicannabidiol System in the school,colleges,Univertities and Medical Schools to get them to understand how this acient medicine could help with people who have an Endocannabidiol deficiency syndrome. We need more TV and newspappers reporting on it.

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