04 Mar The UK Is The World’s Largest Producer And Exporter Of Legal Cannabis But Its Citizens Are Denied Any Access At All

This is the astonishing fact revealed by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) in its 2017 report on narcotic drugs.

In the UK no one has any legal access to any form of cannabis except exempt products derived from industrial hemp, most commonly CBD oil.

Theoretically, the cannabis medicine Sativex is available but in practice, in England it is virtually impossible to obtain it except on a private prescription as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that it is not cost effective.  In Wales it is available on prescription but doctors are first required to try highly toxic and dangerous drugs such as baclofen, tizanidine, gabapentin, pregabalin, even botulinum toxin or opioids.

The reality is that UK citizens are denied access even though their country is producing and exporting vastly more cannabis even than countries such as the USA, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and Italy, all of which have legitimate and well regulated medical cannabis provision.

This revelation will further inflame the sense of righteous injustice in the UK.  Against this background the UK continues to prohibit even medical use and is stubborn and intransigent in even being prepared to consider or discuss the evidence in favour.

How can the country which sanctions the legitimate production of more medical cannabis than any other in the world deny its own citizens legitimate access?

  • Matt Stuart

    Disgusting….. I’m lost for words!

  • discerner

    Why don’t thiis pathetic government send officially sanctioned envoys,experts, doctors and scientist to countries where mediicinal cannabis is a long term and well established form of medical treatment? I know the all-party group of MP’s, Clear, and users etc have provided evidence and research about medicinal cannabis that fell upon death ears. So if they send ‘proper officials’ and they return with the same evidence will they start to beleive then?

    One recent excuse for ‘delaying’ medical cannabis is that they’re waiting for the WHO to eventually advice them on the safety of medicinal cannabis -well it’s not too hard to find out for themselves if they really want to.

    I am still of the beleif they are in general protecting Big Pharma and other rival industries from an effective and cheaper to produce product – one that would save the NHS much needed money.

    The tide is beginning to turn especially with recently publicised events and horror stories of suffering children being denied vital cannabis treatment. The majority of the public are now generally supportive of medicinal cannabis. The governments excuses, stubborness,and blind eye will fall upon the death ears of the public, until they show at least a modicum of humanity.

    • Nicky Brennan

      The reason the Government and shareholders send officially sanctioned envoys and experts for the people to other countries is because they are corrupt. they do send them, but its for the private sector, while they tell the nhs and public its bad for people. Peter told me a couple of years ago that Jack straw the old labour mp gave GW PHarma a long time ago ( 10 years they’ve had it I think). Their products are very expensive too and they all ( shareholders) profiteer wildly from these products ). its a them and us uk. The government and Establishment are parasites. expose them. google and youtube GW PHARMA, and share all over twitter and facebook.

    • Goakin Vals

      Couldn’t agree more! Especially your view in the first sentence is just spot on! The solution is right there.

  • Transformdrugs

    Oh and thanks for the HT

  • Del Bunclark

    Which begs the question, “Where are the profits from this going? And where did the money COME FROM to fund it?”

    • Peter Hathaway

      That is a great question!!

  • JamesGierach

    The world must be crazy or there would be no drug prohibition.

  • Roma Lawson

    You don’t count as far as this UK government is concerned. This is for them and theirs only as they know that cannabis is probally the most beneficial plant for humans that has ever existed and you can grow it in your back garden.This would close down corrupt pharma companies etc, so you cant have it.

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  • Peter Hathaway

    I think 20th April will be big in the UK this year after these revelations. We knew is was on a huge scale but wow nearly half the world supply. Can’t catch my breath with this hypocrisy. I feel let down by our government, i feel trapped in an unjust Country and i’m not just talking Cannabis this goes for a lot of issues. I have never felt so disMAYed living in the UK. I’m beginning to hate this Country. I used to be proud to be British not so much anymore!!!

  • tonyv321

    Joke Government

  • Greg Martin

    FYI 1 hectare equals 2.5 acres

  • BeeZeeEcoKid

    With Brexit they will have issues selling anything to EU … It is time that the rest of the EU countries start producting more. I hope Sloveni becomes soon the biggest grower of canabis & hempt. It sure has major tradition & clean nature.

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  • mick

    oh to live in a democracy!

  • benjamin ozegowsky

    Too bad muslims aren’t demanding cannabis. It would be legalized in a nanosecond.

    • MC (sad but true)

      If you look at the majority of muslim countries, they have been smoking hashish for thousands of years.

    • Neil D

      That’s helpful.

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  • ee ffendiable

    Does anyone already know, or want to hazard a guess, as to who are the guardians/gardeners tending these plants?

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  • Rod Hawkins

    Licenced by the goverment late 90s

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  • Andrew

    That GWparma want to charge the nhs about 850 quid a month , I think for leukaemia treatments
    Seems all wrong that from my point £££
    Another thing that don’t make sense is that youtube took down a Rick Simpson video recently
    If Jesus2·0 turns up we will have to hide all the nails
    I do hope I have made some valid points
    Just not write some people in power just wrong
    A sick way of putting it ,is if someone VERY famous was cured or helped with marijuana/hemp products
    Maybe then Government’s would change