19 Jan There Can Be No Doubt – British Government Cannabis Policy Is Corrupt

David Cameron is corrupt. The Home Office is corrupt. Theresa May, Lord Henley, James Brokenshire, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith (I name the worst) are corrupt. Every Home Office minister over the last 40 years has been corrupt.

On recent evidence I have seen, David Oliver and Lee Smith, on the Home Office drug policy civil service staff are also corrupt.

There are “mentions in dispatches” to be made for David Blunkett, Charles Clarke and Bob Ainsworth who deserve honour for the efforts they have made to fight against the lies and deceit, though all of them have at times been consumed by the built-in corruption that pervades British drugs policy.

Don’t let anybody fool you. None of these people follow the path that they do to protect people or out of concern for public health. They are driven entirely by what serves themselves. Political advantage, fear of the press, particularly the Daily Mail, Big Booze and GW Pharma bribery – these are the only factors that drive British cannabis policy.

There are beacons of light amongst the darkness: Paul Flynn, Molly Meacher, Peter Lilley, Tom Brake. These are people of integrity and principle. We need many more.

We also need our Department of Health, yes our health department to start taking responsibility, facing facts and using cannabis as the miraculous medicine that it is.

Earl Howe, the minster for medicines, promised me back in early 2011 a “considered response” to a detailed proposal on medicinal cannabis. At least half a dozen people that I know had a similar, encouraging feedback from him. Then suddenly the shutters came down. Obviously he was “leant on”. He turned to “Cannabis is a harmful drug which should not be taken. It has a number of acute and chronic effects….“. He turned to the Home Office lie.

The Home Affairs select committee inquiry into drugs policy is our best hope yet for a turn to honesty.

The members of the committee are:

Keith Vaz (Chair), Labour
Nicola Blackwood, Conservative
James Clappison, Conservative
Michael Ellis, Conservative
Lorraine Fullbrook, Conservative
Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat
Steve McCabe, Labour
Alun Michael, Labour & Cooperative
Bridget Phillipson, Labour
Mark Reckless, Conservative
David Winnick, Labour

Find out about them. Write to them. If one of them is your MP then please go to see them.