10 Aug This Is Good Stuff

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The cannabis plant is remarkable in so many ways. It has the capacity to continue to surprise and after many years it has caught me unawares yet again.

I have discovered that hempseed oil is a particularly delicious cooking ingredient. Its nutritional properties are said to be almost the perfect balance for humans of fats and minerals. Used to fry food, particularly with garlic, it is gorgeously nutty and savoury. Perfect for fish; for a spicy concoction of my homegrown broad beans and courgettes with tabasco; or with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing. It is now a staple ingredient in my kitchen.

So that’s why CLEAR is now an affiliate retailer of Good Oil products. If you click on any link on the CLEAR website you will be taken to Good Oil and we will receive around a 9% commission on whatever you spend. What better way to support the cannabis campaign? Buy legitimate products made from the cannabis plant. They are good value, excellent quality and the more you buy, the more cannabis plants will be grown.

I even tried the shelled hemp seed and was more than surprised. It’s delicious, moreish, a bit like eating peanuts or crisps. It would make an excellent topping on a crumble and probably a wonderful crust on fish and vegetable dishes.

So this is a brazen commercial plug – with all profits going to the cannabis campaign. Buy Good Oil, Good Hemp Seed and Good Hemp Milk.

CLEAR will only receive a commission if you access the Good website by clicking on one of the images on the CLEAR website.

Good oil Click Here To Visit The Good Website