07 Jun Tory MP Nadine Dorries Censured For Blatant Untruths

For immediate release – 4th June 2011


Tory MP Nadine Dorries Censured
For Blatant Untruths


A CONSERVATIVE MP has been accused of telling blatant untruths about cannabis on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions.

Peter Reynolds, leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), censured Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, for her comments on the topical discussion programme aired last Friday, when she said the cannabis available today is “50 times stronger” than it used to be and that smoking just one spliff will “prevent a child from reaching its full educational potential”.

Reynolds described her comments as utterly absurd and ridiculous statements, bearing no reality to any scientific evidence and has called on the MP to resign.

“Her words are a disgrace. They contribute to the government sponsored misinformation about drugs which actually causes harm to millions of people in Britain,” said Mr Reynolds.

“It is completely untrue to say cannabis is 50 times stronger than it used to be, Nadine Dorries should get her facts right if she is going to appear on national radio. Even the Government’s chief drugs advisor, Prof Les Iversen, has said cannabis is one of the “safer recreational drugs” and a recent analysis of mortality, hospital admissions, toxicity and propensity to psychosis showed cannabis is nearly 3,000 times safer than alcohol. The prohibition of cannabis does far more harm than good, which is why such eminent people as Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson, George Schultz, former presidents of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Switzerland and the current Prime Minister of Greece, to name but a few, this week called for cannabis to be legalised. What a shame out-of-touch politicians like Nadine Dorries have chosen to ignore them and instead support the failed policies of prohibition, using lies and misinformation, in the absence of any facts. People like Ms Dorries are responsible for death, misery, degradation and the waste of billions in public resources as they sustain a deeply flawed, immoral and irrational policy. We must hound her out of office,” concluded Mr Reynolds.


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