16 Dec UK Cannabis Policy Creates Slave Trade. Theresa May Pretends She Cares

"Something Of The Night" “Something Of The Night”

The cruelty, hypocrisy and cynicism of our present Home Secretary is deeply worrying, particularly when there is serious discussion that she might be the next leader of the Tory party.

Secretary of State for the Home Department has always been a difficult job, a poisoned chalice for those unable to meet the challenge. It is one of the four great offices of state and for that reason we are entitled to demand the highest calibre of minister. Theresa May is simply not up to the job.

She wears her prejudices too obviously ever to gain public approval. The only support she does get is for being ‘tough’, for the sort of conduct that gets the Tories called the ‘nasty party’.

She is inept. The disarray in the Home Office on all aspects of its work is now regarded as the norm. It is the epitome of everything that is worst in the British civil service: bureaucratic, wasteful, inflexible, overbearing and inefficient.

She is incompetent. Many of the Home Office’s problems are caused because it pursues policies that are stupid. They are unpopular, unrealistic, badly managed and often knee jerk reactions to political criticism. Of course none is so glaringly obvious as Ms May’s new found interest in ‘modern slavery’ when it is her misguided policies that have created the slave trade in cannabis farms.

She is irresponsible. Her policies are frequently ineffective and cause more harm than they prevent. She plays fast and loose with the law at will yet is weak when acti0n is necessary. The boom in dangerous and toxic legal highs is caused entirely by a drugs policy that is based on prejudice and fear of a media backlash if she adopts an intelligent policy. It is also furiously supported by the increasingly deregulated alcohol industry, desperate to retain its monopoly on legal recreational drugs and she will do nothing effective to reduce the massive harm it causes.

In 2007/8, 3032 cannabis farms were detected according to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). In 2010/11 the number had soared to 7,660 and based on current data will have exceeded 10,000 in 20-12/13. Cannabis prices have escalated to £15 per gram.

If Ms May continues with her present policy, cannabis prices will continue to rise, there will be more human trafficking and more violence.

Ed Miliband said ‘Britain can do better than this‘. When it comes to our home secretary, I have to agree with him.1. Commercial Cultivation of Cannabis 2012, ACPO

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