18 Nov UK Doctors Given the Green Light To Prescribe Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

Andrew Turner MP

On 13th November 2012, Andrew Turner, Tory MP for the Isle of Wight, received a written answer to a question he had submitted to the Secretary of State for Health.

To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether Bedrocan and Bediol forms of cannabis are available(a) under prescription and (b) on the NHS?”

Bedrocan and Bediol are two of the four varieties of medicinal cannabis available from the Dutch governments official producer. See here for details. Norman Lamb MP, Health Minister

Norman Lamb, LibDem MP for North Norfolk and minster of state at the Department of Health, replied saying:

“Neither Bedrocan nor Bediol are licensed as medicines for use in the United Kingdom.

Clinicians can prescribe any product, including any unlicensed product, subject to their primary care organisation agreeing funding, if they feel it is clinically appropriate for an individual patient after discussing the potential risks and taking into account the patient’s medical history. In these circumstances, the clinician is expected to retain clinical responsibility for the patient while prescribing the medicine.”

CLEAR is now in correspondence with both the Department of Health and the Home Office seeking clarification.

Source: Hansard