09 Dec The UK’s First Licensed Cannabis Dispensary.

Mike Dobson

Mike Dobson

When Mike Dobson first called me a few months ago and told me he had an idea for gaining legal access to cannabis in the UK, I was, of course, sceptical. CLEAR has frequently been approached with hare-brained and convoluted plans for avoiding the law that prohibits cannabis.  Without exception they have all been bonkers.

Within a few minutes though, I could see this one was different.  In the past, most of these ideas have been around sidestepping the law by claiming ‘freeman’ status, the suggestion being that statutes, laws made by Parliament, are only enforceable if you have consented to them in the first place.  Some claim to have succeeded in using this to defeat charges for growing cannabis, even having their harvest returned to them by police.  I can’t verify any of these stories but I’m quite sure the courts are littered with the broken dreams and delusions of those who have tried to go down this path.

The big difference with Mike’s plan, his ‘scheme’ as I like to call it, is that instead of evading, avoiding or dodging the law, it actually uses the law itself to provide legal rights to grow and possess cannabis.

Preston Cannabis Club Website. Click To Enter.

Preston Cannabis Club Website. Click To Enter.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 empowers the Home Secretary to issue licences in respect of cannabis. These could be for cultivation, production, possession, supply or any other activity such as import or export.

This scheme involves setting up a company to cultivate cannabis and produce cannabis products under licence from the Home Office – the ‘Licensed Supplier’. Providing the various licence conditions are complied with, the Home Office cannot unreasonably refuse such a licence.  If it does then it will be subject to judicial review.  The licence conditions that need to be met are security and the prevention of ‘diversion’ of the cannabis into illicit or unlicensed hands.

The next step is to set up another company where it and its shareholders, guarantors and/or members are licensed to possess cannabis – the ‘Membership Company’.  Again, providing the licence conditions are complied with, the Home Office must issue a licence and if it refuses judicial review proceedings can be brought.  Sensible and responsible rules must be put in place so that members only consume cannabis in private with necessary security precautions.

The genius of Mike’s scheme, now coming to reality with the first Membership Company, the Preston Cannabis Club, is that it uses the law exactly as it is intended, to ensure that the only people cultivating, producing, supplying or possessing cannabis are licensed to do so.

I have consulted informally with several lawyers and there is no doubt that this scheme holds promise. Whether it works out remains to be seen.  CLEAR is putting its weight and support right behind the scheme as a responsible and lawful way to enable legal access to cannabis.  I would expect initial resistance from the authorities but if we are right, it would mean Parliament would have to pass a new law to prevent this happening.  In my judgement that is unlikely and, in fact, the demonstration of such a legitimate route to cannabis would get the government off the hook of its present, unsustainable policy.

Watch this space.  CLEAR is now actively involved in supporting this venture and we will keep you fully informed.

  • Alister

    Interesting! How much were these licenses? What level of security is considered adequate? How long does it take them to award a license and are they planning to trade before its granted? I know the government doesn’t like that much and has bitten radio stations for similar but guess it brings the battle to the courts

  • Martin Threlfall

    They’ll pass a new law faster than lightening once they are onto that plan. Remember, they are after all corrupt as hell

  • Sowel

    This is amazing. Even if this plan fails it’s a success as it brings the topic right into the light.
    How does this work with clear only advocating for medical cannabis, I’m sure attempting to put a medical spin on this plan with crate more red tape.

    • CLEAR has never advocated only for medical cannabis. No idea where you got that from!

      CLEAR’s Aims and Objectives

      1. To end the prohibition of cannabis.
      2. To promote as a matter of urgency and compassion the prescription of medicinal cannabis by doctors.
      3. To introduce a system of regulation for the production and supply of cannabis based on facts and evidence.
      4. To encourage the production and use of industrial hemp.
      5. To educate and inform about the uses and benefits of cannabis.

      See more: https://www.clear-uk.org/aims-and-objectives/

      • Sowel

        My mistake.
        I was sure I read somewhere on this site, perhaps one of the news stories but it may have been elsewhere on the net with reference to clear.

      • Danny Nicholson

        Is one of your aims and objectives to support convicted terrorists as well…..? Google the Man Mike Dobson Folk’s… Then ask yourselves why would the Home Office give this man a licence, when I had pretty much this exact idea and I cannot get a licence…..

        • Justin Oils

          Be careful what you post. Apply for a license if you like. All details will be passed on to authorities.Thats the point of why he got his liscense. Hmmmm

  • PooPayTobasco

    What can we presume may happen to the users not eligible for a licence once this dispensary is in place? I far from want to debunk any legislatively advocating cannabis projects especially if they are put in place to help medical patients. The concern is that frequent users and growers may face an increased penalty charge in court or gain less access to quality product from trustworthy sources.
    Laws around the subject (like seed import/ export or purchase of paraphernalia) can and may change almost as easily as applying a loophole in existing law so, the project’s effort could unintentionally put financial and legal pressure on existing users and growers UK wide that don’t have access to the dispensary or licensing.
    Please bear in mind this is just a speculation.

  • Chris Scott Hope

    Hang on this “non-bonkers” idea is to… ask the home office for a license that exempts you from the laws created by said home office?

    That’s a blinder mate, made my day 🙂

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  • Jerry

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    • Whatley

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  • Arron

    Medical my arse, when its under lights and not outside its not the real deal. If everyone plants a seed in there garden the problem goes away *** the law.. the law is so big pharmas can make money from illness. Treat yourself, take care of yourself, and refuse to bow down to the moneymakers. You have the god given human right to treat yourself. If you sell the product it is drugs… buy seeds and plant them 1 at a time in your garden.. Warning do not grow underlights.. grow organically with real soil from mother earth and cure yourself. No Chemicals no force feeding and never spray your plant with anything other than rain. Eat your green leafs only. Dry your buds and make them into whatever best suits your personal needs. Consume the whole plant.. Imagine 500,000 people put 1 seed in the garden. maybe 1 million do it.. Safety in numbers no one will get busted because its not worth police time for 1 plant. there are less than 150,000 police in the UK doing 8 hrs shifts the maths speaks for itself maximum 50,000 on duty at any time for England Ireland Wales and Scotland.
    ONLY ORGANIC GROWTH CONTROLLED BY NATURE. = MEDICAL. Gangsters grow under lights and they do not care about your health. Love Peace & Harmony for the world does not come from artificial lights, BELIEVE Me, Take your own personal ation and get well soon people. D.I.Y XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Joseph Morgan

      well said for the most part…….But making cannabis legal (however) will stop them nasty ol Gangsters, there just opportunists working off what the law doesn’t allow. (that fact alone could contribute to the mass call for their service((selling)) not to mention people just love the herbs) I mean if it were legal the best possible move for the G’s (at least in the weed area) would be to go legal, thus turning them nasty buggers into law enforcing citizens on their own ambitions! ……. My point is…….and truly no offence too you but……………with all this unveiling (especially this) lets stop shifting the blame of the “problem” (lol) off to new areas or groups ( even if well deserved ) because that is exactly what the people of power/governments of the world do ON THE DAILY, in order to get there own way in accordance with those (the rest of us) that they’ve duped into; not only going along with but actually enforcing their rules thinking that they are their own!
      We can’t go making much a difference trying to bring ONLY the good aspects of this life forward without the latter.
      !!!”No-one can win a war fighting only half a battle”!!!

    • Justin Oils

      Under lights are for gangsters…really? I live in the driest part of the uk. There is no way I can grow outdoors, period. Yet I can still grow 2 plants and produce 18 ozs every 11 weeks. AAAAAAAAAAAAAALL for personal consumption. Never sold it, or even given it away. You speak like a complete immature dick! If you knew anything about my life, you would take back that stupid remark. P.S I bet you grow crap weed, even though it is organic

      • Nancy Moon

        I have grown outside for 3 years. Every year I have a lovely crop. Got 2 crops in last year. Get the right seeds. I live in London

  • Shekil Hussain

    why can any tom dick and harry sell something that is bad for you for the last 50 years people and addicts have lost their lives selling crap prison good place for these people once they get the taste they dont stop why are crap people driving hire car living in 5 star accommdation smoking crack and have joke with the customers if you check youre GP u will have the results lets get it right weed is not for kids does not make u bad but sick every pound you give went into somebodys bank savings so they ckuld send the kids to school i dont see what tbe fuss is prison is full these crap people… the way i see it lock up thier mums dads for helping them in the crime of being low life gangster who can not pay for his own clothes or food but streey corners sell thier home growm animial shit plants….

    • Justin Oils

      Oh, and as for selling things/producing things that are bad..None of my plants have ever met with pesticides or any other nasties.They are completely natural.For all the twats that think if you feed your plants organic matter, your plants will be organic, oh dear, many years of learning need to be induced. If a plant is not over fed, it will not take in the overloaded toxins. But that’s something that is clearly beyond you. ******** like you give the medicinal cannabis community a bad name. You clearly have no idea what you are spouting on about. Don’t attack something you know **** all about. I challenge you to smoke a 4 gram joint of weed “under gangster lights”, of mine. Then smoke one of your organic wonders of 4 grams. See what happens Mr ******* clueless

      • CLEAR is not going to host foul mouthed abusive comments from anyone. In this instance we’ve edited the obscenities out but this remains a personal attack on another commenter.

        Any future instances will be deleted and you will be banned from further comments