28 Mar UPDATE On PCC Complaint. The Daily Mail, 9th January 2012

The original complaint is here.

The Daily Mail has now corrected its article and published the following statement at the foot of the page (this article only appeared online):

“A previous version of this article referred to “an irreversibly cannabis-damaged psychotic teen”, we are happy to clarify that there is no scientific evidence that conclusively proves a causal link between smoking cannabis and psychosis.”

With reluctance I have accepted this as resolution of the complaint to the PCC. It goes nowhere near far enough. Kathy Gyngell is one of the most mendacious and evil writers on drugs policy that there is. She makes Peter Hitchens seem like a pussy cat. The association of the disgusting photograph of a young girl smoking heroin with a caption about cannabis is as foul, irresponsible, scumbag journalism as I have ever seen.

Regrettably though it was either accept this or put the decision in the hands of the weak and useless members of the commission itself. Then we would have got nothing. I conclude that it is better to have achieved this.