12 Jan UPDATE on PCC Complaint. The Daily Mail, From 2001 To 2011

The original complaint is here.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the PCC’s response to this. It is a complaint of a very special kind.

Instead of dealing with individual inaccuracies it seeks to expose the Daily Mail’s systematic campaign over many years of misinformation, dishonesty, falsification and distortion of evidence concerning cannabis.

I expected it to be thrown out as most of the articles are way past the three months since publication that the PCC rules require. However, it seems that where an article remains online the PCC regards it as being re-published each time it is viewed.

As a result, I have now agreed to go through every single article concerned and specify as bullet points each breach of the Editors’ Code.

It is a daunting task but vital to hold the mendacious Daily Mail to account. It remains a highly speculative complaint but one I believe must be pursued.

It is also fair to say that since the Leveson Inquiry opened there have notable signs of change at the PCC. Clearly it is reviewing all its procedures.