13 Mar Vicious, Misguided Mary Brett Wants 17 Year Old Jailed. Mother Calls For Legalisation And Regulation



Martha's mother Anne-Marie Cockburn.

Martha’s mother Anne-Marie Cockburn.

Mary Brett

Mary Brett

The tragic case of 15 year old Martha Fernback highlights the terrible ignorance, stupidity and hatred of those who wage the failed ‘war on drugs’. The Daily Mail reports on the story with unusual balance.

Martha died shortly after taking half a gram of 91% pure MDMA. The cause of death is uncertain as MDMA is relatively safe compared to many other substances but that is not the point here. She evidently overheated very quickly, was rushed to hospital but died due to cardiac arrest shortly afterwards.

Alex Williams, 17, pleaded guilty to supplying ecstasy and was sentenced to a three-month curfew and an 18-month youth rehabilitation order.

Martha’s brave mother, Anne-Marie Cockburn, said she “could not remain angry with Williams for the rest of her life” and hoped to work with him to “try to change people’s minds about legalising and regulating drugs”. She said she does “not believe ‘the war on drugs’ in the UK is working” and that “a more realistic approach is needed”.

Unsurprisingly, Mary Brett, the arch prohibitionist and drug warrior, disagrees. In a shocking display of disrespect for both Ms Cockburn and Martha’s memory she launched a terrible attack on the sentence and Alex Williams: “The policing of drugs is much too soft. It is ludicrous. You need to send a signal that it is not acceptable to deal drugs – a short, sharp shock is what is needed. In this case, a few weeks at least in prison would have been warranted.”

Until the dinosaur thinking and prejudice which Mary Brett exemplifies is overcome , there will continue to be tragedies like this and nothing will improve. Young people will continue to take drugs irrespective of the arrogant, out-of-touch and ignorant attitudes they face. The only responsible and rational approach must be to regulate supply so that danger and harm is minimised.

In these terrible circumstances, Anne-Marie Cockburn is to be admired for her courage and intelligence. Mary Brett’s views, once again, need to be rejected. She means well but her terrible instincts for prohibition and vengeance are part of the problem. Martha’s death should be on the conscience of Ms Brett and all who advocate our present idiotic drugs policy.