09 Feb Victoria Atkins MP, The UK Drugs Minister, Opposes Drugs Regulation While Her Husband Grows 45 Acres of Cannabis Under Government Licence.

The UK’s New Princess Of Prohibition: Dishonesty, Hypocrisy, Corruption And Cruelty Behind A Pretty Face.

There are many examples of wilful ignorance, blind prejudice and bare faced dishonesty on drugs policy from many former and current MPs.  There is no one though who plumbs the depths of deception and hypocrisy as the new drugs minister Victoria Atkins.

Her recent performance in the Westminster Hall debate on drug consumption rooms (DCR) was riddled with inaccuracies, distorted information and downright falsehood about the success of such facilities throughout the world.  She simply told brazen untruths in order to support her rejection of the clamour from other MPs to introduce DCRs because they are proven to save lives.  I can do no better than Transform in explaining her behaviour. Its press release sets out her lies in detail.  Ronnie Cowan MP even raised a point of order and then a Home Office question about her scandalous dishonesty but as usual the government just brushed aside any criticism.

Victoria Atkins: Barrister, MP, Home Office Minister – Dishonest And Corrupt To The Core


Ms Atkins is the daughter of Sir Robert Atkins, a former Conservative MP and MEP.  She studied law at Cambridge and was called to the bar at Middle Temple in 1998. She has practised as a barrister and was formerly listed as a member of Red Lion Chambers.  She has been appointed to the Attorney General’s Regulators Panel and the Serious Fraud Office’s List of specialist fraud prosecutors.  She claims to have been involved in the prosecution of major, international, drugs gangs and that this, somehow or another, qualifies her as an expert in drugs policy.

I relate her background because it is clear that she is a highly intelligent, clever and well informed woman.  This makes her dishonesty, hypocrisy and corruption all the more serious and completely inexcusable.

Ms Atkins has replaced Sarah Newton as drugs minister.  Ms Newton didn’t last long, perhaps because she couldn’t stand the ridicule that she was subjected to for trying to hold the line on the government’s ridiculous drugs policy.  When she tried to claim that alcohol isn’t really that damaging compared to illicit drugs, she had MPs either gasping in amazement or chuckling in amusement.  Ms Atkins was clearly spotted for the job because she is one of the few MPs still enthusiastic about prohibition.

Paul Kenward, Victoria Atkins’s husband, grows cannabis under government licence

But of course, it’s specifically on cannabis that I must call Ms Atkins to account. Aside from the usual, hysterical and evidence-free claims that so-called ‘skunk’ cannabis is causing an enormous increase in mental illness, which she trots out repeatedly, she rejects any idea of regulation in drugs policy as a means of reducing harm.  In the drugs policy debate on 18th July 2017 (before she was appointed drugs minister) she said:

“We are talking about gun-toting criminals, who think nothing of shooting each other and the people who carry their drugs for them. What on earth does my hon. Friend think their reaction will be to the idea of drugs being regulated? Does he really think that these awful people are suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens?”

and “I do not share the optimism of others about tackling the problem through regulation.”

Paul Kenward’s Cannabis Greenhouse

However, in what must be the most blatant hypocrisy ever from a government minister, Ms Atkins benefits directly from regulation of drugs.  She is married to Paul Kenward, managing director of British Sugar which is growing 45 acres of cannabis under licence in its mammoth Norfolk greenhouse.  Mr Kenward is producing high CBD cannabis for use in Epidiolex, GW Pharma’s cannabis extract epilepsy medicine.  Ms Atkins has tried to brush this off calling it “…a very different substance (from the) psychoactive version of cannabis.”   Of course, anyone with even the most basic knowledge of plant science will know this is nonsense.  The difference between different strains of cannabis is the same as the difference between different varieties of tomatoes.  Whether they’re Ailsa Craig or Alicante, they’re all tomatoes.

With this latest scandal the shameful truth about UK drugs policy and the corrupt nature of this Conservative government is highlighted once again.  It is difficult to believe this bare faced dishonesty can prevail in a country that was once held up as an example of honour and decency but as with so much that Theresa May has been responsible for since she entered government in 2010, we are disgraced, shamed and the electorate is treated with absolute contempt.


  • Arthur Mosswood

    She’s taking the biscuit isn’t she?

    • Chrisheatley

      She runs the factory.

  • discerner

    Thus the future is bleak. A leftwing Labour Party is unlikely to win a general election in the UK, even if they did they’ve shown no appetite to reform drugs policy, no doubt the outdated fear of ‘public fury’ still holds sway. The Lib Dems and Greens both have progressive policies on drug law reform, but neither will win a general election.

    So perhaps it will be left to the few Tory and Labour MP’s and Lib Dems and Greens to keep pushing the boat out for reform against an hostile and intractable Tory government. Otherwise being ingenious in avoiding punishment especially for medicinal cannabis users will rule the roost with absolute conviction.

    • Peter Simmons

      The future isn’t bleak, it’s same old same old. The one thing that could make the difference to the chances of a left-wing Labour government is them adding legalisation to their election manifesto as a promise. But since they’re all straights with second-hand knowledge [most doubtless avoided the dopers at university] there’s little chance of that. They would rather destroy their chances entirely by supporting the current transvestite claims to really be ‘transgender’ women, and fit to be included in all-woman shortlists for seats. Many in Labour are also still 19th century Marxists, Trotsyists and Stalinists, and doubtless see cannabis as ‘opium of the masses’ and totally unacceptable. The only way to beat them is to ignore it, act as if the law didn’t exist, when millions ignore it, it becomes unenforceable, which is the present situation. Look on the positive side, the present situation enables a lot of poor people make some extra to help them manage, including single mums who don’t have many opportunities.

      • Istvan Solihull

        Peter Simmons ~ 19th century stalinists ? nineteenth century anything is bad , i suppose . But Trotkyists loath Stalin, so ,,actually, what on earth are you on about ? The opium of the masses was as you must surely know a reference to religion , and not , as people seem to think , a pejorative one. Tere are SO MANY pieces written like this assuming that the Left should rescue the situation, Well, IF THE WRITER IS ON THE LEFT , JOIN A LEFT PARTY AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. A party is its members.

        • I’m the writer and I’m certainly not on the left. Until Theresa May became leader I was an approved Conservative Party candidate. I resigned when she indicated she was staying on.

          Liberty and evidence-based policy are right wing ideas, not from the authoritarian, socialist left. Sadly, the modern Conservative Party is run (but not entirely composed of) similar authoritarian, big state bigots. Let’s hope it changes soon.

          • Istvan Solihull

            well,there’s a thing . I do connect with your overall exasperation .
            I am also a typical leftwinger , and i can assure you that the only reason i stopped taking dope was , it made The Grateful Dead sound quite good -an evidence based observation which suggested to me that dope could wreck my critical faculties . Incidentally, the only people i ever hear going on about Marx et al are tory journalists, trying to discredit us.

          • Chrisheatley

            “Liberty and evidence-based policy are right wing ideas,”

            Read this 3x and still cannot believe you wrote it.

          • Peter Simmons

            Need to read it again then, perhaps without the preconceptions who clearly harbour. Try stepping aside from this simplistic binary the slow-thinkers of the political class think is all there is; many are not one or the other but sick of both. That’s why there’s been a move across Europe and North America away from the neo-liberal political class which has failed to address modern concerns, but which postures and virtue signals as if that’s all their electorates need to be manipulated. They are being left behind by what they call ‘populists’, who are popular because they address what voters are concerned about rather than lecturing them on how they should behave.

        • Peter Simmons

          What I’m on about is the current Labour Party which has all those, have you not noticed the inter-party hatreds that flow through it? Not very aware are you? Yes, patronising twat, I’m perfectly aware opium of the masses was [and is] religion. I wrote ‘The one thing that could make the difference to the chances of a left-wing Labour government’ There was no preference shown, merely a point abpout Labour, which, unless it makes an effort to capture a lot more votes, stands no chance of ousting corrupt tory rule. Their avoidance of this subject over decades shows what lowbrow, slow-thinkers they are, they can’t even work out how much the NHS could be saved by reducing the pharmaceutical bill. I didn’t say I was ‘of the left’ and I don’t join anything, least of all political parties where one must subsume one’s independent ethos into groupthink, and sign up to the party’s list of core beliefs, loyalty to the party being more important than country.

  • New World Disorder

    Sums up the corrupt to the core system.

  • Fraser Philip

    Can’t they see the huge financial benefits in legalizing, just need to look at America where it’s been done, to disprove all the old myths against it being legalized

    • Ricky Barnes

      they can see it, i dont think shes under any illusion about it, pure personal gain.

    • Wendy Goodwin

      Do you know their reading age is still at primary level and the Endocannabinoid systems have some very long words even for my first degree level but I just read them out slowly and follow through biochemical pathways to see how it works at molecular level,thats why we have trained Scientists to do this very difficult work. People just want to know if it works. i drive a car but don’t know about the engine, that’s for a car mechanic, he sorts it out and it works.

  • Martin Edwards

    Big pharma shill,zero chill.

  • Prohibitionists are the scumbags… this is proof

  • Nicksta

    Lets hit her social media accounts with this and watch what ever under the carpet statement she makes. Only recently I’ve watched a doc about a young child who was close to renal shut down due to the prescribed drugs used to control tremors – they have since moved to Colorado and the oil has turned everything around. This witch would decree that product as non medical whilst her husband is growing a ton of it for medical use!! Filthy own pocket lining scum. Bring on the general election, i have no love for current Labour but if that’s all we have then I’ll back them & hope…

    • Wendy Goodwin

      Labour is as bad. There are some that are for it but they are all looking after No.1

      • Treez

        And there are some in Labour I believe in, though I agree we have some who are being lobbied by ‘money’.

  • Peter Hathaway

    She needs to be sacked as soon as possible. This cannot be right. What can we do about it? Maybe a petition to get her sacked. What if we had another petition for regulating Cannabis AGAIN and we got 1 million signatures, would they listen then. I know the last one didn’t work and they may be a distraction from the cause but i wont hurt trying again…maybe?

    • Wendy Goodwin

      Lets go for it!

  • jumbomumbo

    Poor Atkins. She doesn’t quite understand that it’s her draconian party policy that actually creates crime and a black market.

    What a simpleton.

  • Gerard Hales

    Abbot is not much better…..typically puritanical, braces-twanging armpits…; “No legalisation for recreational use..” It’s a plant not a pharmaceutical..how can you say; “it’s safe if you’re sick but not if you’re socialising”? It’s non-sense…

    • bacchic

      Not sure how you can say the shadow foreign sec and her statement of labor party policy is even remotely on the same scale as the serving drugs minister having a corrupt stake in the market and pumping out deliberate lies in order to protect that stake…

  • Chrisheatley

    Corrupt to the core. But a grand tradition.

  • Melvin Grosvenor

    this is sheer bullshite…

  • Law Sayer

    One rule for us and no rule for them. about time the populace of the UK stood up and said ‘fuck em’

  • Craig Allan

    Institutional corruption at its finest!!!!

  • Wendy Goodwin

    I am a Biologist and whenever I can I inform people about the Endocannabinoid System and go on to tell the strory of Victoria & her husband and they cannot believe it as it is NOT in the papers. Her constituents need to know her father maybe a powerful person and her husband very rich but like the others if she does tell the truth and go against the Goverment’s policy she will lose her job, I think she should anyway. I simply write the Endocannabinoud System and “Charlotte Figggy” and tell them to look it up. Unless we teach it in schools,colleges, universities and Medical Schools, people will not realse what this system regulates and the problems that can occur with an Endocannaboinoid defeiency syndrome,somtimes caused through faulty genetcs and how these natural cannabis treatments can work. All the big phrama are getting in with SYNTHETICS, Yuck! What can we do? If we bombard our MP they just send out Goverment lies. The shares are in GW are not a good investment at the moment. If I buy them I can only sell them for a lower price so with my limited savings not a good deal for me. The other investors probably looking at a long term investment at a corporate level in the Billion Dollar/Pound business and with May’s husband in big business I bet they have some money attached somewhere. It’s all about money. The Government is just working out the best way to get the most money from it. I feel that none of them are listening to anything truthful and resting on old propaganda ditched out by the Americans years ago. Be like PAUL FINN speak out, if you have the balls! I am a teacher,although retired, so I am old,,just a few more than Thersa but I have learnt by researching on the web and reading books. I try not to lecture,just inform. That is all I can do but I am not in their circles and as a Humanist I believe that most people are good but I am slowly realising that not all MPs are good but Science answers all questions eventually but some sufferring can relieved right now.

    I want to see Victoria stand up in the Commons and say,”Sorry, I was wrong.” Unfortunately this well educated and privileged women hasn’t got any balls!

    • Dominic Pascal

      She indirectly profits from it, why would she legalise it and make it easy for any competitors?

      • Chris

        If she lives in a house with her husband or they have any joint bank accounts / investments, then she directly profits from it.

  • Skeewiff

    Shameless corruption from a disgusting government. That woman is beneath contempt. A Foul human being. Whilst she literally gets fat from the profits of her lies, children die.

    Weak, lying cowardly piece of shit. Vermin. Scum.

  • Peter Simmons

    Her Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2015.

  • terry

    help yourself, go visit the green houses, its free bud, help your self

  • Keith Doo

    Q isn’t dear Mrs May’s husband connected with GW Pharma’s cannabis business, in that he has money invested by way of a Fund??

    • Yes and no. He is an employee of Capital Group which is the biggest shareholder in GW Pharma. So there’s no real evidence he has anything to do with cannabis at all. Some of the lurid allegations made about him are counterproductive and just make cannabis advocates look stupid.