10 Apr The Views Of Dr Sarah Wollaston MP On Drugs Policy. A Worrying Case Requiring A Good Dose of Evidence.

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP is chair of the cross party Health Select Committee. She was a practising GP but is now the most senior Westminster politician, not in government, who has expertise in health and medicine.

The views she expresses are extremely worrying because they betray a complete failure to take note of the evidence, particularly surprising because of her profession.


I responded by explaining legalising drugs doesn’t mean a free for all, it means the opposite. We have a free for all now because control has been abandoned to criminal gangs. Regulation must be in accordance with a drug’s potential for harm. It’s more urgent to legalise and regulate dangerous drugs. Keeping crack and heroin supply in the hands of criminals maximises harms through unknown strength and contamination as well as violence and street dealing. Clean, safe supplies should be available in conjunction with therapy at reducing doses. It’s simply absurd that cannabis is illegal and this idiotic policy supports crime and creates a £6 billion criminal market with massive consequential harms. It is shameful and national disgrace that our government continues with this idiocy.

There is very little health harm from cannabis. Healthcare records prove this. There are more health harms from peanuts. 99% of harms of cannabis are created by goverment policy. Ignorance, prejudice and cowardice are the defining characteristics of UK drugs policy.

Dr Wollaston suggests that drug consumers are responsible for the violence and criminal activity around the drugs trade. I say this is utter nonsense. It is for the government to take responsibility!! That’s what you’re paid for. Take this market out of criminal hands and PROTECT people. It is disgusting to blame consumers for the harms of the drugs market which are caused by government. How dare you blame consumers for the harms of the criminal drugs market which irresponsible governments have created! UK drugs policy MAXIMISES all health and social harms. We are plagued by ignorant, stubborn, anti-evidence fools in government who are killing our children.

It is shocking that you and colleagues in government can be so trapped in ignorance and denial of the vast amount of evidence from across the world that legal regulation minimises all drug harms. If UK drugs policy was in the dock then it would get a whole life sentence.

This is an appalling abdication of responsibility by a senior politician. Dr Wollaston isn’t in government but she echoes the evil attitude of ministers who cause most harms around drugs by their idiotic policies. It is government that must take responsibility not consumers. Do your job!!

I have written to Dr Wollaston asking if she will meet me so that I may show her the evidence she is overlooking.

  • Peter Hathaway

    Disgraceful comments..Dr Wollaston if it were up to us we would like to be funding the NHS, drug addiction services, social care etc BUT THE GOVERNMENT WON’T LET US because of their own agenda(GW Pharma). It’s people like you and the Government who are funding and fueling criminality and violence not us. It’s the Government policies that cause more harm than Cannabis could ever do. Sort em out Paul Flynn they are all idiots and they never learn.

  • Ama Menec

    Dr Sarah Wollaston MP claims she is a “woman of science” because she once was a GP, (NB GPs may use science but that does not make them scientists), and she uses this argument to impose a badger cull on the beautiful South Hams where I live. Despite Professor Lord Crebs, having done a 10 year study on badger culling, costing £9 million, declaring “Culling badgers will make no meaningful difference to bovine TB in cattle”, Sarah Wollaston knows better. And she knows better than eminent ecologists such as Sir David Attenborough too, who also oppose the badger cull on scientific grounds. She isn’t beloved by her ex-patients who call her cold and unsympathetic, and neither is she loved by the staff of Torbay Hospital for taking their ideas on combining health and social care and claiming it as her own. Good luck with meeting her… she is happy to ignore people, including her own constituents, who don’t agree with her.

  • Wendy Goodwin

    Bet she didn’t learn bout the Endocannabinoid System at Medical School and hasn’t done much research on it since or those words would not come out of her mouth!