29 Jan We Must Be CLEAR About The Dangers Of ‘Synthetic Cannabis’

Synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (SCRAs), which seek to mimic the effects of THC, are untested, harmful and may be extremely dangerous. It is just as important that those who are engaged in the campaign to end the prohibition of cannabis should campaign against these dreadful and hazardous chemicals. Remember, so-called ‘synthetic cannabis’ has none of the natural balance of real cannabis.

SCRAs and ‘legal highs are the product of prohibition. It is David Cameron, Theresa May and the dangerous, irresponsible policies of our government which are responsible for these nasty substances flooding our country. If cannabis were legally available, even under stringent regulations, there would be no demand for SCRAs.

The surge in ‘legal highs’, not only those that seek to substitute for cannabis but also those that mimic cocaine or MDMA, reveals the truth about our government and those that make drugs policy. They care not at all about users’ health. Their irresponsible policies actually cause harm, particularly to young people.

Doctors have coined the term ‘excited delirium’ for the effects seen from SCRAs. There is good evidence they can cause heart palpitations, seizures, vomiting, severe anxiety, paranoid delusions, violent tendencies and even death.

One of the difficulties is that the retailer where you choose to buy rolling papers, grinders, pipes, vapourisers or other cannabis accessories will also be selling legal highs. It’s easy to have some sympathy with individual retailers, on the high street or online, who, in tough times, need to keep their businesses afloat. The real villains are the distributors who import unidentifiable white powders, usually from China, and then package them for sale with no information about contents, dosage or safety. Often, even if sold as legal, they contain chemicals which have already been banned and so could easily land you in just as much trouble as a bit of weed.

Real cannabis is much, much safer. We know that mankind has used cannabis safely and effectively for more than 5,000 years. Just as our ridiculous drug laws have led to dirty needles, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C amongst opiate addicts, so now even those who choose relatively harmless substances are in real danger.

CLEAR’s EX-SCRA campaign aims to expose the truth about SCRAs but now we must take it further. We will be publishing a blacklist of retailers and distributors engaged in this irresponsible and evil trade. This will be updated regularly as we receive new information. We will also be promoting and endorsing retailers and distributors who stand against SCRAs. They will be entitled to display a CLEAR EX-SCRA logo on their advertisements, websites and shop premises. They are the people you should give your business to.

We cannot rely on a malevolent and irresponsible government to protect us so we must take responsibility ourselves. Let’s expose the truth about SCRAs and the people and companies that profit out of them. Let’s drive them out of Britain!

Fight for the right for REAL cannabis!