11 Jul What About The Daily Mail?

Rupert Murdoch and his rags are no friends of the truth. They have done more than their fair share of scaremongering and misinformation about cannabis. He is popularly believed to have been behind Gordon Brown’s ridiculous “Skunk is lethal” speech and the upgrading of cannabis back to class B. Such are the dirty tricks, politician’s doublespeak and media manipulation that we are up against.

But next in line must be the vile Daily Mail, surely even more of a political lever and blackmail tool against our cowardly, grovelling political leaders. The Daily Mail could decide tomorrow that mother’s milk is bad for you and there would be numpties from both the Tory and Labour parties eager to agree. In fact, when Charles Walker finds out that mother’s milk is actually full of endocannabinoids, don’t be surprised if he and Mary Brett start campaigning for double mastectomies for all pregnant mothers.

We already know that according to the Information Commissioner, Paul Dacre’s goons were responsible for even more breaches of the Data Protection Act than Murdoch’s. They’re all sleazy, deceitful muck rakers with only their own and their cronies’ interests at heart. I’d bet my last fiver that the Daily Mail is responsible for at least as much disreputable, unethical, cheap and illegal activity as Murdoch.

This story is just like MPs Expenses. They’re all at it. They’re all liars, scoundrels and thieves and I am absolutely certain that Paul Dacre has exercised improper influence and exerted illegal pressure, effectively blackmail, on our political leaders to gain the stories and the influence he craves.