23 Jun What’s The Truth Behind The ‘Children Addicted To Cannabis’ Story?

child cannabis

Today, both The Sun and The Daily Mail have gone to town on a sensational story about children ‘addicted to cannabis’ with figures from Public Health England showing an increase of 50% in seven years and more than 200 children aged 12 or younger in treatment.

I agree, these figures are shocking but what is truly horrifying is that despite current policy proving to be disastrous, our incompetent and irresponsible government refuses even to discuss or consider any change.

Make no mistake, it is David Cameron, Theresa May, Norman Baker and the rest of the self-serving politicians and civil servants in the Home Office and the Department of Health who are to blame for this. Present policy actually encourages underage use and maximises harm. Instead of taking responsibility for the £6 billion pa cannabis market, successive governments have abandoned our children to street dealers and organised crime. The only ID a dealer asks for is a £20 note so it’s easier for a child to access cannabis than it is to buy cigarettes or alcohol.

The only way to deal with this problem effectively is for ministers to take responsibility, take the market away from criminals and regulate it properly.

The inane, mindless idea that banning cannabis protects people is nonsense. All the evidence shows that when you prohibit something it has no effect on use but the harms of use go through the roof.

The reason that Cameron and his cronies won’t do the right thing is because they are in abject terror of the media and of being seen to be ‘soft on drugs’, also that their chums in the alcohol industry are desperate to hang on to their monopoly of legal recreational drugs. So for these self-serving reasons they endanger our children, damage our communities, mislead and lie to us about the real cause of such problems.

Public Health England aren’t much better. They manage to get the story out to the tabloid scaremongers but it took me all day and half a dozen phone calls to these dozy civil servants before I could get access to the source material. See ‘Young People’s Statistics from the
National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS)’

This is the truth about drugs policy in the UK. It has nothing to do with protecting people or reducing harm, it’s about minsters’ and civil servants’ media profiles, about their personal career advantage and gain. They are every bit as bad as the dealers who sell the bag of weed to the 12 year old.