29 Nov When Will Economic Reality Make Cameron Get Real About Cannabis?

In these dire times of recession, teetering on the edge of depression, every single day our government gifts at least £16 million to organised crime by failing to regulate the cannabis market. In addition, it spends £1.4 million every single day on the criminal justice system in a futile attempt to stamp out cannabis. See here for the very latest independent research on cannabis in Britain.

We can no longer afford this. Cameron’s policy is based on Daily Mail scare stories which are themselves blatant falsification and distortion of scientific evidence. It is pathetic, irresponsible and hypocritical from a toff who was suspended from Eton for smoking a bit of weed. He got away with it and says that “Everyone’s allowed to have a past” but cares not one jot for the lives and careers that are ruined because of his government’s policy of criminalising cannabis users.

We enjoy using cannabis Mr Cameron, just as, no doubt, you did. Hundreds of thousands of British people who need cannabis as medicine are stranded in pain, suffering and disability because of your government’s cruelty and denial of science. The law should be about protecting people from harm, not some Big Brother, Soviet-style imposition of behavioural rules.

The laws that prohibit cannabis are immoral and cruel and we can’t afford this ridiculous waste.

What are you going to do about it Mr Cameron?