05 May Where Are The Public Figures With Courage?

When discussing any part of modern life, it is hard to resist looking over the shoulder in curiosity. Parallels and divides are all encompassing – especially when it comes to the political realm and the inevitable morals that tails politics as a contestable subject.

When discussing cannabis as a generic issue, it only paints half a picture; elucidation is needed to colour the scene in full. Ignorance and flippancy have shaded the dialogue until recently, and with many tools to convey harsh realities, it is for current methods of communication to project an abundant picture. Prohibition yearns to be fully fleshed out in all its ugly guises.

In North America, a subculture has been thriving for many decades. Make no mistake, this specific subculture is not a club filled with the rich and famous who wish to corrupt the youth – no, the protagonists in question are a selection of respected professionals with media and cultural notoriety, all of whom have spoken out for change. Actors and actresses, musicians, world business leaders, you name it; they are fervently on record as fighting harsh realities of prohibition.

In Britain, while many in parliament and the scientific community fight for an evidence based policy, it is purely political muscle that keeps current policy in deliberate stalemate. It is left up to noise makers to carry the message of change in what has become a political garrison filled with recidivism.

For too long we have been awaiting a beneficial amendment to the current laws on cannabis prohibition. We have history’s legacy to light where our future paths lay. It is forgivable to make a mistake; it is unforgivable to repeat them – so why have we still not learnt that prohibition is futile and counter-productive?

If we are serious about bringing about a reformation that will have benefits for all, we need to deal in honesty and facts. Only when a lucid picture is presented can we bring about the necessary emplacements for a better society. We have now entered a political wilderness; only through word of mouth can we make a difference.

In North America – seemingly, there is an unwritten mantra; if you hold a position of social eminence, then speaking out is not much to ask when so many suffer due to prohibition. Consequently, many do seek to rectify this wrong. Only through a unified voice can real change come about.

Public figure support is in existence, but in Britain it remains reserved, oppressed; apprehensive. Off the record support exists in abundance, but a loan of public credence is vital. Prohibition is now posing a real threat to society with little being said about it; the harms of prohibition should be common knowledge. Public figures are needed to be the conductors of the communication crescendo that so many have worked tirelessly to build – from the scientific community to many Lords and MPs, all strive for evidence based policy. We look to the difference makers in allowing awareness to resonate.