09 Jul Who Is This Self-Serving Impostor Who Pretends To Be A LibDem?

Jeremy Browne MP Jeremy Browne MP

His name is Jeremy Browne. He’s Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane and since September 2012 he’s been the minister of state at the Home Office responsible for drugs policy.

Now drugs policy forms no part of the coalition agreement so you might expect that, subject to the reality of working with a Tory home secretary, he would be doing all he can to ensure that the Liberal Democrat’s drug policy has, at least, a major influence on what the Home Office is up to.

The Liberal Democrats are the only major party whose drugs policy is based on evidence. Tory policy is based on prejudice, Daily Mail scare stories and lobbying and backhanders from the alcohol industry. The Labour party, disgracefully, shamefully, doesn’t even have a policy. It leads the scramble of cowardly politicians heading for the door as soon as the subject is mentioned.

UKIP, though it has no MPs at present, is firmly committed to a Royal Commission on the subject and Nigel Farage has told me in person that he regards present policy on cannabis as “barmy” and says “of course we should” about tax and regulate.

Jeremy Browne doesn’t give a toss about his party’s policy nor about the millions of people in Britain who suffer under the yoke of the cruel, irrational, unscientific and corrupt policy dictated by Theresa May.

He’s got a nice, fat, junior ministers salary of £98,740 to reward him. That’s more than an extra grand a month on top of his pay as an MP. He’s also got a long list of all-expenses paid jollies to Amsterdam, Portugal, Latin America and some tasty marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Washington to keep him entertained.

Most significant though are the prospects for his ministerial career. The unwritten rules: keep your head down, preserve the status quo, remember your job is to dictate to the public not to listen to what they say.

Browne is a self-serving, hypocritical coward. He is an embarrassment to his party and a disgrace to his country. Whatever the rest of his political career he will always be remembered as a toady to the GW Pharmaceuticals monopoly, an heartless and cruel abuser of those in pain and suffering and an exploiter of tabloid scaremongering. He’s not quite in the same league of reefer madness as ’50 times stronger’ Nadine Dorries MP or ’20 times stronger’ Charles Walker MP but he still managed to ramble on about ‘seven times stronger’ in his incoherent response to the Westminster Hall debate recently. Even on the trumped up Home Office’s own evidence it’s only possible to argue that THC levels have increased by ‘three times’ since the 70s – but heh, what career-minded government minister lets evidence stand in the way of propaganda?

Last year, Nick Clegg had the balls to say the war on drugs is lost and we need to try a new approach. In the face of Cameron’s hypocrisy and complacency, if Clegg is speaking the self-evident truth, how come Browne has become a fully paid up member of the Home Office misinformation squad?

Who is Jeremy Browne? What has he ever done of value? Where is the evidence that he is anything else but Theresa May in drag? Why is he pretending to be a LibDem?

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