18 Jun Why Does LibDem Jeremy Browne Betray His Party’s Principles On Drugs Policy?

Jeremy Browne MP.  Drugs Minister Jeremy Browne MP. Drugs Minister

It has to be asked and it has to be answered.

WHY is Jeremy Browne pursuing the irrational, outdated, failed policy of prohibition?

WHY is he participating in the dishonest, cruel and corrupt drugs policy of this government?

WHY is he already a fully paid up member of the Home Office strategy team specialising in obfuscation, diversion and deception?

WHY is Britain the only country in the world that has licensed a pharmaceutical company to grow hundreds of tonnes of cannabis every year to process into a fantastically expensive medicine while the Home Office maintains “there is no medicinal value in cannabis”?

Why is Britain the only country in Europe other than Ireland that denies people in pain, suffering and disability access to medicinal cannabis?

WHY does the Home Office lean on and intimidate GPs who seek to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients?

AND AGAIN, WHY is Jeremy Browne part of this deeply cruel and corrupt policy?