02 Jun Why Is Cannabis Still Prohibited In Britain?

Well, to be strictly accurate, it isn’t.

Since June 2010, Sativex, GW Pharmaceuticals’ super-strong, super-concentrated, 51% THC tincture of skunk cannabis has been available on prescription.

Sativex is the only exception though and the way it has been licensed is a demonstration of the dishonesty, corruption and deceit at the heart of the UK government. The Home Office and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are involved in a calculated attempt to misinform and mislead the public that Sativex is not cannabis. GW sponsored doctors, scientists and nurses promote the lie that there is no “high” from the use of Sativex, even though the statutory product documentation describes “euphoric mood” as a “common” side effect.

Recently the results of phase III trials of Sativex showed that:

“…the tolerability profile of this medicine is favourable, with limited relevant adverse effects and – particularly reassuring – the drug does not appear to lead to withdrawal effects if patients suddenly stop using it.” (Professor H.P. Hartung, Chair of Neurology at Heinrich-Heine University)

Yet the UK government continues to repeat the blatant untruth that “…there is no medicinal value in cannabis “ and that it is “..a harmful drug with a number of acute and chronic health effects.” – just bluster, obfuscation and nonsense

So, back to the question. What are the reasons? Why is cannabis still banned when all the scientific, medical, intellectual, moral and public health arguments have been won?

The reasons that cannabis remains prohibited in the UK are:

1. The power of the alcohol lobby

Fronted by The Portman Group, a shadowy, incredibly wealthy lobbying organisation, the alcohol industry is terrified of a cheap, safe alternative to its poisonous products, the most dangerous and harmful drug of all. In fact, there’s room for both. Under a rational and responsible system of regulation, all drugs would be controlled in proportion to the harm they cause.

2. The power of the US prohibition industry

When alcohol prohibition ended in 1933, there was already a massive infrastructure and that was transferred directly to “marijuana”, the racist term coined to demonise cannabis. That grew and expanded into the DEA, which has become an out of control international gangster organisation, and the huge industry of private prisons. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US that depend on the prohibition of cannabis. Even enthusiastic cannabis users like President Obama have sold their integrity and honour for the sake of prohibition. Woe betide the country, whatever the “special relationship”, that goes against the US.

3. The Daily Mail campaign of lies, distortion and forged scientific evidence

The Daily Mail has waged a disinformation campaign concerning cannabis for more than 10 years. It publishes lies, exaggeration, falsified scientific evidence and, its favourite trick is to associate cannabis as often as it can with violent and bloodthirsty crimes, however tenuous the link. Paul Dacre, the “butcher”, as he is known in the newspaper world, made a corrupt agreement with Gordon Brown to upgrade cannabis back to a class B drug in return for supporting the worst prime minister in British history. He has no regard for the truth, for evidence or for the suffering his vile newspaper causes.

4. Corrupt and cowardly politicans

Gordon Brown said “skunk is lethal”. Alan Johnson sacked Professor David Nutt for telling the truth about cannabis being far safer than alcohol. Charles Walker said cocaine is safer for children than cannabis. Nadine Dorries said one spliff will ruin a child’s education for ever. David Cameron, like Obama an enthusiastic smoker when younger, defines hypocrisy and dishonesty in his attitude to cannabis.

5. The unlawful monopoly of medicinal cannabis granted to GW Pharmaceuticals.

The Home Office is engaged in a corrupt relationship with GW Pharmaceuticals. It conspires with GW to misinform the public about Sativex and about the true value of cannabis. It refuses freedom of information requests about all aspects of its underhand and dishonest dealings on the subject. Home Office policy on cannabis causes direct harm to thousands of UK citizens and fraudulently lines the pockets of GW shareholders.

6. The self-destructive behaviour of cannabis campaigners

For years the cannabis campaign has shot itself in the foot by promoting its cause as an “alternative” or “sub” culture. Irresponsible “demos” and marches have had precisely the opposite effect on public attitudes to that intended. Stoners or big time smugglers are the last people we need fronting the campaign. Public displays of cannabis smoking are childish and counterproductive. CLEAR has moved the campaign onto a new level of professionalism and evidence-based argument but we have suffered jealous attacks from those who cannot campaign effectively themselves and so seek to sabotage or hijack our work.

These are the reasons that cannabis remains prohibited in Britain but there is hope.

Determined, evidence-based campaigning.

Relentless pursuit of the truth and confrontation of lies.

Responsible, civilised, reasonable argument.

The truth will become CLEAR.

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