30 Aug Yes! We Really Do Want Jeremy Corbyn Supporting Medicinal Cannabis.

By CLEAR member Andrew Cox

By CLEAR member Andrew Cox

CLEAR member Andrew Cox writes in response to ‘Oh No! Do We Really Want Jeremy Corbyn Supporting Medicinal Cannabis?’

Jeremy Corbyn has been an MP for 33 years, first elected in 1983. He is currently the leader of the opposition, and by all accounts will be for the foreseeable future, until either another attempted coup, election failure or”¦wait for it”¦he becomes Prime Minister. Do not be ridiculous I hear some mutter, but have not the last one-and-a-half years or so taught us to take nothing for granted, not just here in the UK but also the US?

I am not a Labour supporter, for the record I vote Liberal Democrat. I also do this weird thing of judging issues individually and do not wear a left, right or whatever hat before listening and contemplating.

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Jeremy Corbyn MP

There is much I disagree with Corbyn about, not least drug policy but the fact is he is currently the leader of the largest, I believe, labour movement in Europe, if not the world. The fact is he is an MP who has continuously been voted into a seat in Parliament. I must therefore disagree with Peter Reynolds’ summation that the opposition will paint him as a “loser” or “eccentric”, or that he is, this is the narrative championed by the worst of the media.  Should we buy into their narrative on cannabis also? Mr Corbyn is an effective opposition MP, he has been a driving force in changing, influencing and affecting the political landscape, why cannot he be this same influence in regards to medicinal cannabis?. Owen Smith has just parroted Jeremy Corbyn’s policies attempting to make himself look ideologically the same but with the caveat that Jeremy cannot implement them but he can.

I do not believe calling any of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies “bonkers” is helpful. Disagree, dissect, explain, but this language is not going to help our cause, language such as this will alienate, it is not rational, intellectual or factual. For individuals, such as myself, who are stuck with a Labour MP, the only power we have is to influence these individuals who then, hopefully, influence others we cannot reach – fanciful maybe, but it is all I have. Any support, from anyone with influence of any kind, should be welcomed and worked on, even if I profoundly disagree with someone on other issues, that is for another day, in regards to cannabis I welcome any and all support.

Of course if I had a choice between a meeting with Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn relating to cannabis law reform I would choose Theresa May, she does currently have more power, but I think I can say with confidence this is a choice I will never have to make. So yes, I do want Jeremy Corbyn’s support and hopefully with time he will support full legalisation – hey I’m a dreamer baby!